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Laravel Training


Laravel Training

Duration:2 months         Session:7

S A Solution is the leading and most Prolific Laravel Training Institute in Ankleshwar providing an affordable in-person Laravel Training Course and guidance by the Professional developers. Therefore, we aim to shape inspiring students with in-depth training to meet the requirements of the IT industry and build substantial grounds in the Laravel Framework by exhibiting students with their live projects. In our Hands-on training. You will also learn to install the framework and build a highly-responsive website from scratch using its features.

Session 1: Introduction

  • Overview of laravel
  • Download and Install laravel
  • Application Structure of laravel

Session 2: Laravel Basics

  • Basic Routing in laravel
  • Basic Response in laravel
  • Understanding Views in laravel
  • Static Website in laravel

Session 3: Laravel Functions

  • Defining A Layout
  • Extending A Layout
  • Components & Slots
  • Displaying Data

Session 4: Control Structures

  • If Statements
  • Page Header and Breadcrumbs
  • Button Groups
  • Dropdowns
  • Button Dropdowns
  • Using a Dropdown for a Select
  • Input Groups
  • Pagination
  • Thumbnails
  • Panels
  • Wells

Session 5: Bootstrap Plugins

  • Introduction
  • Collapse
  • Accordion
  • Modal Mark-up
  • Modal Events
  • Tab
  • Tooltip
  • Alert
  • Carousel Mark-up
  • Carousel Indicators
  • Carousel Navigation
  • Carousel Captions

Session 6: Migrating to Bootstrap3

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Changes
  • Moving to Bootstrap3
  • Migrating the Grid
  • Migrating the Navbar
  • Migrating the Blog Entry
  • Migrating the Sidebar
  • Migrating Custom CSS