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HTML5 And CSS3 Training


HTML5 And CSS3 Training

Duration:2 months         Session:6

An advancing marketplace for each mobile apps and games is in addition a mark of glorious future in CSS and as a results of each application’s face is formed by hypertext mark-up language or hypertext mark-up language and CSS. S A Solution provides an excelled faculty and qualified developers as there's a remarkable prospect in this field. One can make his/her web site or blog with the help of each hypertext mark-up language & CSS associated establish an identity and get guidance in Ankleshwar.

Therefore, we aim to shape inspiring students with in-depth training to meet the requirements of the IT industry and build substantial grounds in hypertext markup language and CSS training by exhibiting students with varied projects. S A Solution also bestows the simplest markup language and CSS coaching Course in Ankleshwar.

Session 1: HTML 4.01

  • Introduction of different Web Technology
  • Introduction
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Fonts
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Iframes
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Colors
  • HTML Color names
  • HTML Color values
  • HTML Layout
  • HTML Doc types
  • HTML Head
  • HTML Meta
  • HTML Scripts
  • HTML Media
  • HTML Audio
  • HTML Object
  • HTML Video
  • HTML YouTube
  • HTML Media Tags
  • HTML Summary

Session 2: HTML5

  • History, Vision & Future of HTML5
  • What Is HTML5?
  • History And Major Actors
  • Vision And Philosophy Behind HTML5
  • Future Of HTML5
  • Getting Started With HTML5
  • The State Of Browser Support
  • Feature Detection
  • Support For Legacy Browsers
  • • Developer Tools
  • Structure of a Web Page

Session 3: HTML5 DOCTYPE

  • Page Encoding
  • HTML5 markup
  • HTML5 And CSS3
  • Browser Support
  • Forms
  • What Are The Needs For Web Applications?
  • Current Solutions
  • New Input Types
  • New Attributes
  • Form Validation
  • Current Solutions
  • Audio and Video
  • The State of Web Audio And Video Based On Plug-in
  • New Audio/Video Markup
  • Attributes And Methods
  • Understanding Audio/Video Events

Session 4: HTML5 Canvas

  • Overview of Graphics In The Browser
  • Using A Canvas
  • Context And Coordinates
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Working With Paths
  • Drawing Text
  • Drawing Images
  • Working With Pixels
  • Understanding Transforms
  • Browser Support

Session 5: CSS 2.1

  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Id & Class
  • CSS Styling
  • Styling Backgrounds
  • Styling Text
  • Styling Fonts
  • Styling Links
  • Styling Tables
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Border
  • CSS Outline
  • CSS Margin
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Advanced
  • CSS Grouping/Nesting
  • CSS Dimension
  • CSS Display
  • CSS Positioning
  • CSS Positioning
  • CSS Floating
  • CSS Align
  • CSS Navigation Bar
  • CSS Image Gallery
  • CSS Image Opacity
  • CSS Image Sprites
  • CSS Media Types
  • CSS hacking

Session 6: CSS3

  • The Power of CSS
  • Introducing CSS3
  • Selectors and Pseudo Classes
  • Fonts and Text Effects
  • Colors, Gradients, Background Images, and Masks
  • Borders and Box Effects
  • Transitions, Transforms, and Animations
  • Layout: Columns and Flexible Box
  • Vendor Prefixes
  • Embedding Media
  • Accessibility Features
  • Media Queries
  • Implementing CSS3 in the “Real World”
  • Going Forward/Additional Resources