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HTML And CSS Training


HTML And CSS Training

Duration:2 months         Session:17

For us, our Students are our high priority. The training program and curriculum have also been designed in such a smart way that the students can get familiar with it in S A Solution tech in ankleshwar. They also provide industrial professionalism since the commencement of the training and until the fulfillment of the particular curriculum. We provide Free Hosting and Domain Registration convenience to our students to make their project live and work.

Therefore, we aim to shape inspiring students with in-depth training to meet the requirements of the IT industry and build substantial grounds in hypertext markup language and CSS training by exhibiting students with varied projects. S A Solution also bestows the simplest markup language and CSS coaching Course in Ankleshwar.

Session 1: Introduction to a Web Page

  • What is HTML?
  • Setting Up the Dreamweaver to Create XHTML
  • Creating Your First HTML page
  • Formatting and Adding Tags & Previewing in a Browser
  • Choosing an Editor
  • Project Management

Session 2: Working with Images

  • Image Formats
  • Introducing the IMG Tag
  • Inserting & Aligning Images on a Web Page
  • Detailing with Alt, Width & Height Attributes

Session 3: Designing with Tables

  • Creating Tables on a Web Page
  • Altering Tables and Spanning Rows & Columns
  • Placing Images & Graphics into Tables
  • Aligning Text & Graphics in Tables
  • Adding a Background Color
  • Building Pages over Tracer Images
  • Tweaking Layouts to Create Perfect Pages

Session 4: Creating Online Forms

  • Setting Up an Online Form
  • Adding Radio Buttons & List Menus
  • Creating Text Fields & Areas
  • Setting Properties for Form Submission

Session 5: Creating HTML Documents

  • Understanding Tags, Elements & Attributes
  • Defining the Basic Structure with HTML, HEAD & BODY
  • Using Paragraph Tag to assign a Title
  • Setting Fonts for a Web Page
  • Creating Unordered & Ordered and Definition Lists
  • Detailing Tags with Attributes
  • Using Heading Tagss
  • Adding Bold & Italics
  • Understanding How a Browser Reads HTML

Session 6: Anchors and Hyperlinks

  • Creating Hyperlinks to Outside Webs
  • Creating Hyperlinks Between Documents
  • Creating a link for Email Addresses
  • Creating a link for a Specific Part of a Webpage
  • Creating a link for a image

Session 7: Creating Layouts

  • Adding a Side Content Div to Your Layout
  • Applying Absolute Positioning
  • Applying Relative Positioning
  • Using the Float & Clear Properties
  • Understanding Overflow
  • Creating Auto-Centering Content
  • Using Fixed Positioning

Session 8: Introduction to CSS

  • What is CSS?
  • Internal Style Sheets, Selectors, Properties & Values
  • Building & Applying Class Selectors
  • Creating Comments in Your Code
  • Understanding Class and ID
  • Using Div Tags & IDs to Format Layout
  • Understanding the Cascade & Avoiding Conflicts

Session 9: Creative artwork and CSS

  • Using images in CSS
  • Applying texture
  • Graduated fills
  • Round corners
  • Transparency and semi-transparency
  • Stretchy boxes
  • Creative typography

Session 10: Building layout with CSS

  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements analysis of Project
  • Project code Execution
  • Project Testing

Session 11: CSS based navigation

  • Mark up structures for navigation
  • Styling links with pseudo classes
  • Building a horizontal navigation bar
  • Building a vertical navigation bar
  • Transparency and semi-transparency
  • CSS drop down navigation systems

Session 12: Common CSS problems

  • Browser support issues
  • Float clearing issues
  • Validating your CSS
  • Common validation errors

Session 13: Some basic CSS properties

  • Block vs inline elements
  • Border properties
  • Width, height and max, min
  • The auto property
  • Arranging Layers Using the Z Index

Session 14: Layout principals with CSS

  • Document flow
  • Absolute positioning
  • Relative positioning
  • Static positioning
  • Floating elements

Session 15: Formatting Text

  • Why Text Formatting is Important
  • Choosing Fonts and Font Size
  • Browser-Safe Fonts
  • Applying Styles to Text
  • Setting Line Height
  • Letter Spacing (Kerning)
  • Other Font Properties
  • Tips for Improving Text Legibility

Session 16: Creating a CSS styled form

  • Form mark up
  • Associating labels with inputs
  • Grouping form elements together
  • Form based selectors
  • Changing properties of form elements
  • Formatting text in forms
  • Formatting inputs
  • Formatting form areas
  • Changing the appearance of buttons
  • Laying out forms

Session 17: Styling a data table

  • Basic table mark up
  • Adding row and column headers
  • Simplifying table structure
  • Styling row and column headings
  • Adding borders
  • Letter Spacing (Kerning)
  • Laying out and positioning tables