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Android App Development Training


Android App Development Training

Duration:2 months         Session:22

S A Solution impels your career opportunities by learning Kotlin for Android App Development and get certified. S A Solution is that the leading and most Prolific Android Kotlin App Develoment Training Institute in Ankleshwar that renders the affordable in-person Android training Course and guidance by Professional developers. Kotlin is a new official programming language for Android which is open source, adaptable, and secure. It can collaborate with the existing Android languages and run-time. it had been adopted by the most notable global company, Google, in 2017. and soon it became the most prominent news for Android app developers across the world, and Android developers acknowledge this announcement of Kotlin by Google as a superb opening for new possibilities.

Session 1: Android Smartphone Introduction

Session 2: ADLC(Android Development Lifecycle)

Session 3: Android Setup and Installation

Session 4: Basic Android Application

Session 5: Android Fundamentals

  • Android Definition
  • Android Architecture
  • Internal working of Android Applications on underlying OS

Session 6: Activity

  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Fragments
  • Loaders
  • Tasks and Back Stack

Session 7: Android Application Manifest File

Session 8:Intent Filters

Session 9: User Interface

  • View Hierarchy
  • Layout Managers
  • Buttons
  • Text Fields
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Toggle Buttons
  • Spinners
  • Pickers
  • Adapters
  • List View
  • Grid View
  • Gallery
  • Tabs
  • Dialogs
  • Notifications
  • Menu
  • Web View
  • Styles and Themes
  • Search
  • Drag and Drop
  • Custom Components

Session 10:Android Design

Session 11: Handling Configuration

Session 12: Resource Types

Session 13: Android Animation

  • View Animation
  • Tween Animation
  • Frame animation

Session 14: Persistent data Storage

  • Shared Preference
  • Preference Screen
  • SQLite Database

Session 15: Managing Long Running Processes

  • UI Thread
  • Handlers and loppers
  • Causes of ANR issue and its solution

Session 16:Services

  • Service Lifecycle
  • Unbound Service
  • Bound Service

Session 17: Broadcast Receivers

Session 18: Content Providers

Session 19: Web Services

  • Http Networking
  • • Jason Parsing
  • Xml Parsing

Session 20: Google Maps

  • Shared Preference
  • Preference Screen
  • SQLite Database

Session 21: Android Tools

Session 22: Publishing your App on Google market

Completion certificate

After completing this training you will receive a course completion certificate in PHP Training​ so you can get recognition for your new skills.